How Many Days A Week Do I Workout?

How Many Days A Week Do I Workout?

Do you want to know how many days a week do I workout? Well. LIFE IS GOOD NOW. After taking a little break and resting up, I’m feeling much better. I’m running a little over 5 miles at this point.

I’ve gone through a lot of antibiotics. I could definitely take a few more days of rest to regain my energy, but I need to get moving. This morning I’ve been doing my workouts, including strength and gym workouts, cardio, a couple of yoga classes, and a couple of PT exercises.

The good news is that even though I’m working out a little, I feel better. The workouts are taking some effort, but not impossible, which is nice.


When I’m back in full strength, I’m going to change things up a bit. Instead of focusing on running for 5 days at a time, I’ll be working my legs and core instead. I’ve decided to do a five-day workout routine to get myself back into shape. The workouts are pretty easy. I’ll do a 5-mile run on day 1. I’ll then do push-ups and sit-ups with a 10lb weight, run 2 miles on day 2, yoga on day 3 and do jumping exercises on day 4.

Friday I’m running in preparation for an 8k run. I’ll be running a quick 2-mile warm-up and then completing a 5k or 6-mile trail run depending on how I feel.

I just completed my first 5k on 2018. I’m very happy to say I completed it. It wasn’t easy, but I felt amazing afterwards. I’ve had to take some time off of running and starting back again is not going to be easy. I’m definitely working my way back to my previous fitness level.

Here’s how I feel right now.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’m going to be working my core and going for a little workout. I won’t be running, but I’ll be taking it easy so that I don’t overdo it. There’s not much I can do for my running, so I’ll take care of my body, and I’m sure my running will come back in no time.

How are you doing in your workouts? Please leave a comment below and let me know what’s going on with you!

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